Office groove

There are these moments in the office, when I wish the time could stand still for the next five minutes. Everyone staring their computer screens would just freeze and I could get up from my seat and dance.

I often have my earphones on while working, sometimes to block the noise outside and sometimes just to listen to music. But there are times when I wish that I could actually shake a leg to the music, go ‘dhin-chak, dhin-chak’ or just groove and shake my booty, obviously depending on the kind of music I am listening to. And that is when listening to music becomes difficult.

So today, when I felt like that I took a moment and walked out of the office. Shut the bathroom door behind me and danced! It wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be, maybe because of the surroundings but when I came back to my seat and stared back lovingly at my computer screen, I didn’t feel like shaking a leg anymore.

The moment had passed and I wish I could actually have spent those five minutes in the dancing on my table top instead of the bathroom floor. 

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